Lake Santeetlah Log Cabin

The Padgett Family Log Cabin

The Padgett brothers built this cabin when the Civil War broke out.  They all went off and joined the NC Regiments under Gen AP Hill and miraculously all of them came home. They finished the cabin and farmed their land in McDowell county east of Asheville.  Through the years the cabin changed hands 3 times. Then in 1969 Gill and Betty Gilman moved it from McDowell County to Graham County. 

About The Cabin

This property was part of a boys and girls camp that operated in the 50s and 60s.  When the family closed the camp the property was divided between the children.  Betty choose the last and biggest lot instead of one of the other 3 cabins. Then she went looking for a "real log cabin".  We bought the cabin from Betty in February of 2018 and put it through its 3rd renovation.